Slides, Code, and Links to Recordings from My NCDevCon 2013 Presentations

Posted 23 September 2013

NCDevCon continues to be one of the best conferences for web developers that I’ve had the privilege of both speaking at and attending. The speakers are excellent, the location great, and the price is incredibly low compared to similar conferences. I look forward to going again next year (and hopefully speaking too!).

At this year’s conference, I gave two presentations. The slides, related code, and links to the recordings of each session are listed below. The slides contain references to all of the articles, sites, and tools I used in putting together my presentations.

I apologize that the end of my talk on Amazon S3 and CloudFront is slightly cut off. That’s completely my fault for going three minutes over the allotted time. (I swear, when I rehearsed – and I rehearse a lot for my presentations – it came in at 45 minutes!)

If you have questions, feel free to post them here!

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