Slides and Recording from My ColdFusion Developer Week Presentation on Advanced Features of S3

Posted 16 August 2022

I’m grateful that I’ve spoken at Adobe’s ColdFusion Developer Week over the years. This is a great opportunity for those interested in Adobe ColdFusion or the CFML language to get a wide variety of free training about ColdFusion and CFML. I spoke at CF Dev Week again this year about my favorite topic: ColdFusion and Amazon Web Services.

Although I spoke about Simple Storage Service (S3) at CF Dev Week in years past, this presentation looked at how to take advantage of more advanced features of S3 using the native features of Adobe ColdFusion 2021. All of the code samples in the presentation work in Adobe ColdFusion 2021. If you happen to run ColdFusion 2018, 2016, or even ColdFusion 11, my AWS Playbox repo has code which shows you how to do the very same things using the very powerful AWS Java SDK.

Below are the links to the two resources from the presentation: the slides and the recording of the presentation on YouTube:

If you have any questions about this content in this presentation, feel free to reach out to me on the Twitter!

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