Resources from Scalable, Responsive Apps and Services with Queues and Pub/Sub Mechanisms

Posted 27 December 2021

In spite of the pandemic, the Adobe ColdFusion team held not one but two virtual conferences this calendar year about all things ColdFusion. In addition to helping organize the speakers, I also spoke at both versions of the conference. As usual, I spoke about leveraging the power of cloud-based services to improve on the scalability, reliability, and performance of your ColdFusion applications. This year’s topic was “Scalable, Responsive Apps and Services with Queues and Pub/Sub Mechanisms,” which focused on Amazon Web Services’ Simple Queue Service and Simple Notification Service, both of which are easy to use from within ColdFusion.

Below are the resources from the presentation: a PDF copy of the slides, and a link to my AWS Playbox repo on GitHub. The AWS Playbox repo has examples of using both SQS and SNS via the AWS Java SDK. This is the route you have to go if you’re using any version of ColdFusion prior to ColdFusion 2021.

The ColdFusion team will post videos from all sessions at the conference on the ColdFusion Community portal. Until they do that, though, you can view the recordings on the conference site. The always-helpful Charlie Arehart has a post on the community portal that walks you through finding the recordings.

If you have any questions about this content in this presentation, feel free to reach out to me on the Twitter!

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