Slides from my jQuery San Diego Talk on Promises and a Book Discount Code!

Posted 13 February 2014

I want to offer my deepest gratitude to the entire jQuery San Diego team for inviting me to speak at such an awesome conference. There are a lot of incredibly smart people speaking and attending the conference, which made my impostor syndrome quite acute, but I was very proud to have been given an opportunity to present.

Attached to this post are the slides from my talk “Promises, Promises: Unlocking the Power of jQuery’s Deferreds.” The code from the presentation is available in this GitHub repository.

I was also contacted just before the talk by Nicholas Tollervey and Terry Jones, the authors of a new book from O’Reilly about promises and deferreds in jQuery. The reviews thus far are quite good, and I’m reading the book now and so far I think it’s a concise, clear, and very well-written piece on the topic.

The O’Reilly team has been generous enough to offer a promo code for the book. If you use the code AUTHD on, you’ll get 40% off the print book and 50% off the ebook!

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