I'm Speaking at jQuery San Diego!

Posted 2 January 2014

I’m really excited that I have been asked to speak at this year’s main US jQuery conference in San Diego. This is the first time I’ve been asked to speak at a non-education, non-ColdFusion related technology conference, so I feel like it’s a big step forward for me. I’ll be speaking at a conference with some pretty awesome JavaScript hackers, and hope that I can meet the expectations of the audience with all those smart people around!

My presentation is titled “Promises, Promises: Unlocking the Power of jQuery’s Deferreds.” It’s an updated (and shorter!) version of <a href="http://www.iterateme.com/blog/index.cfm/2013/9/23/Slides-Code-and-Links-to-Recordings-from-My-NCDevCon-2013-Presentations">a talk that I gave at NCDevCon 2013</a>. jQuery Conference sessions only run 30 minutes, so I’ve got to cut out a good amount of material, and I want to update it to look at implementations of promises in current, ES6-compliant JavaScript engines

Here’s the description of the session. I can’t wait!

Managing the order in which asynchronous callbacks in JavaScript occur can be a nasty business. Without a lot of overhead and management, you’re never quite sure that a certain callback has succeeded or failed. One technique for handling this problem that has gained a lot of traction in the past year is to use deferreds and promises. In fact, if you’re making jquery.ajax() calls, you’re already using deferreds and promises. In this session, we’ll look at how deferreds and promises bring order to the chaos of multiple asynchronous JavaScript calls – often known as “callback hell.” We’ll look at how you can leverage promises when making network requests, loading content on the fly, caching resources, performing serial transactions, and building a publish/subscribe model for browser or server-based applications.

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