NCDevCon 2013 Is in Less Than Two Weeks, and I'm Speaking There Twice!

Posted 9 September 2013

NCDevCon has to be one of the best bargains around when it comes to technology conferences. Not only does the conference have a great lineup of very good, very knowledgeable speakers on all things Web — JavaScript, mobile, design, devOps and workflow — it’s also super cheap. This year it’s $200 for the weekend conference. It’s also located in Raleigh, NC, which is a very affordable travel destination and near to one of my favorite BBQ places in the US: Allen & Sons.

I’ll be presenting twice at the conference this year. It’s a little overwhelming trying to get two new presentations done, but I’ll certainly do my best!

The first topic is “Promises, Promises: Unlocking the Power of jQuery’s Deferreds.” This session focuses on one of the most annoying problems with asynchronous JavaScript: managing the order in which asynchronous callbacks in JavaScript occur. Promises are a recent approach to this problem and have a lot of power that can be leveraged throughout JavaScript applications. I’ll give an in-depth look at how promises work in jQuery, but also look at how they work in Node.js as well.

The second topic is “Better (and Cheaper!) Content Storage With Amazon S3, Cloudfront, And ColdFusion.” This session focuses on handling ever-increasing storage needs for your websites and your clients by leveraging Amazon’s pretty awesome S3 and CloudFront services. While the code in this session is ColdFusion code, you can take advantage of the power and flexibility of S3 and CloudFront using almost any server-side language. If S3 serves as photo storage for Instagram and CloudFront serves as the content delivery network for Amazon itself, then they’ll both definitely work for your needs!

I look forward to a lot of great sessions at the conference. If you’re there, feel free to say hi!

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