Creating Signed URLs for Amazon CloudFront in ColdFusion

Posted 11 January 2013

I’m honored to have been selected to speak at this year’s cf.Objective() conference. I got the opportunity to speak for the first time at cf.Objective() last year, and this year, the good people on the content selection committee asked if I’d do a deep dive on my proposed topic: Making Your ColdFusion Apps Highly Available.

The full sessions description and outline is at the link above. However, that description and outline were written before the topic was selected as a deep dive session (which runs for two hours instead of one). I do plan on adding a bit more, including information on:

Once I get the outline finalized, I’ll try to get it updated on the cf.Objective() site.

Anyway, thanks again to the cf.Objective() conference team. I can’t wait!

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