Slides from "Making Your ColdFusion Apps Highly Available"

Posted 30 September 2012

Attached to this post are my slides from my presentation at NCDevCon 2012: Making Your ColdFusion Apps Highly Available. While I do talk a bit about ColdFusion code changes that are necessitated by moving from a single server to a cluster, all of the content applies to making any web application highly available, no matter if it’s written in ColdFusion, PHP, or Ruby. In future iterations, I suppose I should rename the talk to “Making Your Web Apps Highly Available.”

The presentation also wound up covering a lot more about Amazon Web Services than I had originally planned, but there’s so many powerful tools in AWS to make applications highly available that I felt I needed to give a solid architectural foundation for attendees to work from.

In any case, enjoy the slides. The last few slides are reference slides that have links to the services and tools mentioned in the presentation. If you have any feedback about the presentation, I’d love to hear it!

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