I'm Speaking at NCDevCon 2012!

Posted 31 July 2012

I’m really excited that the team behind NCDevCon 2012 has selected me to speak at this year’s conference. I was really impressed by last year’s conference (my first) and I really wanted to speak again this year.

Here’s the session description for my session:

Making Your ColdFusion Apps Highly Available

Level: 200 - Intermediate

Thousands of Web applications run on a single server, and that works great. But what happens when you need 99.999% uptime and you have to move your Web application from that single server into a cluster of servers in your datacenter, or the cloud? This session focuses on the challenges you’ll face moving your ColdFusion-based app from a single server setup to many ColdFusion servers running in parallel. Specifically, we’ll look at changes you’ll need to make to your:

We’ll also cover special considerations that need to be made for cloud services like Amazon’s Web Services platform. If you’ve never built a ColdFusion app that runs across multiple servers with shared resources, this session is definitely for you.

At $200 per ticket, NCDevCon is a great bargain. The quality of presentations is on par with other major ColdFusion and Web development conferences, and the conference is small enough that it makes it really easy to talk to speakers and meet new people. You’re also only 30 minutes away from the best damn Carolina BBQ on the planet.

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