I'm Speaking at NCDevCon and the CF Unconference at MAX

Posted 4 August 2011

Although I’ve spoken at a number of conferences in the past decade, and at three educational technology conferences in the last year, I’ve never spoken at a ColdFusion-specific conference. That’s about to change. Both the NCDevCon team and Ray Camden and the team behind the CF Unconference at MAX have given me the opportunity to finally do so.

Here’s the description of the talk that I submitted to both conferences as part of my topic proposal:

Title: Improving Application Performance with 3 Simple Functions

Using three, new, simple functions introduced in Adobe ColdFusion 9 – cacheGet, cachePut, and cacheRemove – you can significantly improve the performance of your Web-based application. In this session, we’ll look at concrete examples of where utilizing the new object-based caching functionality of Adobe ColdFusion 9 can shave seconds (or more) off of each request. The following specific scenarios will be covered:

This session won’t cover the powerful extensibility of Ehcache, the technology behind these caching functions, and is targeted towards developers who haven’t utilized application server caching before.

I plan on using code examples from a pretty big production application for which my team is responsible.

The final schedule for NCDevCon hasn’t yet been set, but I’ll post my session information as soon as I know it.

For the CFUnconference, I’m speaking on Wednesday, October 5 at 10am.

There are some other sessions on caching at the CF Unconference, but I hope what distinguishes mine is the focus on application development and code and the target audience of intermediate ColdFusion developers who have never used caching before, rather than the big picture on Ehcache and Ehcache administration.

Check out the Lanyrd site for the CF Unconference to see the whole unconference schedule, and to see who else is involved and attending.

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