Learn ColdFusion in a Week is Now Available

Posted 8 November 2012

Some of the smartest people in the ColdFusion community have put together a great getting started guide for learning ColdFusion: Learn CF In a Week. This is a great, free resource to anyone who wants to pick up ColdFusion quickly. Instead of buying a book or purchasing training videos about getting started with ColdFusion, there’s this free, in-depth resource (that’s not to say that the CF Web Application Construction Kit series of books shouldn’t be on every CF developer’s bookshelf, because they should be!).

Learn CF In a Week gets you up and running quickly, and covers modern application development features like building business logic with objects, CF’s implementation of Hibernate for Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), and — my favorite &madash; caching. It’s all written in a very approachable style, with quite a few examples.

Even better, there are hands-on exercises for each and every part of the training. This way, you get to put into practice what you read about, which is a much better way of actually learning how to program in any language. Learning by doing is always much more effective than simply learning by reading. (That’s not just an aphorism - there’s lots of research to back that up.)

If you’re looking to move up from client-side coding with JavaScript, learning ColdFusion with Learn CF In a Week is super easy!

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