Resources from My ColdFusion Summit 2020 Presentation on cflambda

Posted 17 November 2020

This week, I’m speaking at the ColdFusion Summit 2020 about “Building Serverless ColdFusion Applications with cflambda.” cflambda is a new release from the Adobe ColdFusion team that’s part of ColdFusion 2021 and which lets you write AWS Lambda functions in ColdFusion. There are a number of resources referenced in the presentation that I’d like to share in this post:

More examples of calling Lambda functions — and other AWS services — from your ColdFusion applications can be found in my AWS Playbox repo on GitHub.

Below are the recordings of two related presentations that I mentioned during this talk:

If you have any questions about this content in this presentation, feel free to reach out to me on the Twitter!

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