Speaking at IntoTheBox 2020 on CFML and AWS S3

Posted 28 February 2020

I’m privileged to once again speak at the superb IntoTheBox conference in early May, 2020, in Houston, TX. While skewed toward development in CMFL, the conference focuses on intermediate to advanced level sessions on modern web application development and cloud deployment. In addition to two days of workshops on Box-specific tools and technologies, there are sessions on migrating legacy applications to modern dev stacks, Java streams, container deployment on AWS Fargate, database performance, and more.

My presentation is “I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That!” It’s a look beyond using S3 as simple file storage, which is how most developers work with the service. S3 can do so much, and it would be impossible to cover everything it can do in less than an hour, but I plan to cover:

If you’re a CFML developer and looking to go to one conference this year, I highly recommend that you consider IntoTheBox. I always learn a lot at this conference. You will too.

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