Slides from My IntoTheBox 2019 Presentation: Build Fine-Grained Control of Amazon Web Services in Your CFML App

Posted 4 May 2019

I have to again thank the entire Ortus Solutions team for another excellent IntoTheBox conference this year. I always leave the conference energized to build better applications, and the team provides lots of tools to make that happen.

This is a PDF of the slides from my presentation “Build Fine-Grained Control of Amazon Web Services in Your CFML App.” The source code, as always, can be found in the AWSPlaybox repo on GitHub.

I hope the presentation inspired those present (and those reviewing the slides) to see how easy it is not just to work with the AWS Java SDK from within a CFML application, but how straightforward it is to align permissions in your own CFML application with the deep permissions system of IAM. You can ensure that roles are replicated across both your application and the AWS services that users of your application need to access.

As always, if you have questions about this presentation, please feel free to hit me up on the Twitter!

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