Slides and Code from Into the Box 2018 Presentation "Step Into Serverless with AWS + CFML"

Posted 29 April 2018

In its second year as a standalone conference, Into the Box more than doubled in physical attendees and added a new streaming option. The growth in the conference reflects not only on the high quality of presentations at the conference, but also on the hard work that the entire Ortus Solutions team puts into the conference.

I was lucky to present “Step Into Serverless with AWS + CFML.” The presentation was an in-depth look at creating actual production workflows with AWS Step Functions and a number of their AI/machine learning services, including:

I really enjoyed building this presentation. The example workflows are (I think) immediately useful, and the code is something you can use right away to build you own workflows.

Attached to this post is a PDF of the slides used in my presentation. The code that I used in the presentation can be found in the GitHub repo for the AWS Playbox app. There’s a full set of instructions in the readme file on what you need to set up in AWS to get the app fully working.

Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation — you asked excellent questions!

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