Speaking at Into The Box on Leveling Up Your Web Apps with Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

Posted 28 March 2017

The *Box team at Ortus Solutions are an amazing group of people who have done a ton of work to make the CFML community stronger and better over the past few years. I’m excited that I’ll be speaking at their annual conference — Into the Box!

Anyone who’s seen me talk in the past couple of years knows that I’m a big fan of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s been enormously helpful in expanding my team’s functional and skill set. We’ve built some pretty cool automated pipelines using AWS, and AWS allows us to provide a significantly better customer experience to our students around the world.

At this year’s Into the Box, I’ll be talking about “Leveling Up Your Web Apps with Amazon Web Services.” Specifically, I’ll cover:

You’ll walk away from the session with knowledge to get started using AWS right away, and a bunch of sample code to invoke AWS services from your CFML apps.

Early Bird pricing runs through March 1, 2017, so now is a really good time to register for this excellent conference.

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