Back to dev.Objective to Talk About Leveling Up Your Web Apps with AWS

Posted 18 May 2016

I’m a lucky developer and educator. Each year, I’m invited to speak at a number of web development, CFML, and educational conferences. I’m making my fifth speaking appearance at dev.Objective() this year, and I can’t wait to get back to Minneapolis. I love the town, and, more importantly, I love the conference. I’m always challenged by what I learn there and find myself sitting in session after session thinking “Yes! We should totally do this!”

I hope that people will feel the same way about my presentation at this year’s dev.Objective(): “Level Up Your Web Apps With Amazon Web Services.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pretty awesome. I’m not shy about saying that (repeatedly). Most developers know about AWS because it provides a vast army of on-demand servers on which you can run anything, including Node.js, PHP, or ColdFusion. AWS offers a whole lot more than servers in the cloud, though. AWS is comprised of over 30 services which enable powerful Web/mobile application functionality and you can tap into nearly all of them using your favorite programming language. With only a few lines of code, you get powerful, hugely scalable functionality that would otherwise be near-impossible to build yourself.

I’ll be showing off a number of these services — CloudFront, SNS, Lambda, DynamoDB, and a little bit of S3 — and while my demo code is fairly CFML-centric (I build new tools with CFML every day), there will be examples in Node.js and Python as well. AWS is language-agnostic (as long as your language can speak HTTP/S), and dev.Objective() is pretty polyglot, so it’s good to show examples in multiple languages!

In case you haven’t registered for the conference, dev.Objective() has extended their $899 price through May 24, 2016. It’s worth every penny.

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