Slides from My dev.Objective() 2015 Presentation "Node Without Servers: AWS Lambda"

Posted 18 May 2015

First let me thank everyone who came to my session at dev.Objective() on “Node without Servers: Event-Driven Computing with AWS Lambda.” A lot of really great questions were asked and I had (another) great experience presenting at the conference.

Attached to this post is a PDF of my slides from the presentation. The code shown in the presentation is also available from my GitHub account.

After the presentation, I came across two blog posts of interest:

The first shows how to set up Lambda as a core service in the auditing of activities in AWS. I mentioned how you could use Lambda as an auditing service for S3 during my presentation. This example gives you a complete walk-through on how to do just that.

The second shows how to use Lambda to respond to actions in a GitHub repo. I had briefly mentioned this example during the presentation, so I thought I’d include it here!

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