Speaking About Amazon Web Services and ColdFusion 11 at Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014!

Posted 3 October 2014

This year’s Adobe ColdFusion Summit is only two weeks away (yikes!) and I have been given the great opportunity to speak at the Summit again this year.

Last year’s inaugural summit was a really impressive event that was fully sold-out. I speak at my fair share of conferences, and while I do appreciate the four, five, or seven track variety of conferences, what I really liked about the CF Summit was that there were only two tracks. A lack of choices can sometimes turn into a great opportunity to learn about something you didn’t think you’d be interested in learning, or an opportunity to dive deeper into something with which you’re already familiar. I also liked that every session was really about “ColdFusion and…,” giving you lots of opportunities to see how ColdFusion works so well with so many technologies. This year there are three tracks (choices!) and the same focus on “ColdFusion and…” in every conference session.

This year, I am again talking about Amazon Web Services and ColdFusion 11. I love talking about this stuff (I think AWS is all kinds of awesome), and if you haven’t tried tapping into some of the incredible power of AWS, this session is definitely for you.

If you can’t make the Summit this year, there is a recording of an earlier version of this presentation that I gave at NCDevCon. There’s more that I can share at the Summit but this will give you most of what I’ll be covering.

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